How did Mickey Mouse die? The TikTok trend explained

By Sonam Peldon — ON Feb 19, 2023
Mickey Mouse
Disney Television Animation

TikTok has been rife with the ‘death’ of Mickey Mouse with new videos on the subject popping up every now and then. But the beloved Disney Mascot is not actually dead and continues to have adventures on the Disney+ animated series The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse.

The trend on TikTok is for users to film their reaction to the Google search ‘what killed Mickey Mouse?’. Although nothing concrete shows up, one can expect to come across fan-made accounts of Mickey Mouse’s death. But these are often parodying the outlandish cartoon scenarios.

According to the Fandom Wiki, Mickey Mouse allegedly died of a heart explosion or disintegration

At the Fandom site’s List of Deaths Wiki (which is a wiki documenting the death lists in movies, series, and games), Mickey Mouse encounters a few ‘death scenarios’ in The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse.

In one instance, he is killed after his heart explodes and in another case, he is crushed underneath a falling tower. Other kinds of death include being disintegrated, either after separating from Minnie or when the Beast yells at him. But Mickey Mouse is revived after the disintegration.

However, this death list is not meant to be taken seriously as it counts the potential death scenes faced by all the characters in the show’s episodes.