What is Tyson Venegas’ ethnicity? The singer’s Filipino identity

By Chege Karomo — ON May 02, 2023
Tyson Venegas

Tyson Venegas’ rendition of Lewis Capaldi’s Someone You Loved wasn’t enough to secure progression into the Top 8 of American Idol. Venegas had planned to go deeper into the competition. Nevertheless, he exits with his head held high and a platform to launch a music career. We haven’t seen the last of Tyson Venegas. 

Venegas grew up in Canada but remained connected to his Filipino heritage

Tyson Venegas was born to Filipino parents in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

Venegas told CBC that he struggled with a speech delay. His parents noted that he responded to music better than words. Therefore, they introduced him to a wide variety of songs, which he tweaked into his own versions. 

For instance, Venegas created a jazz version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Venegas’ speech impediment made his parents discover he was musically talented. Therefore, they encouraged his development and entered him in competitions. 

“My parents and my family are the ones that inspire me the most,” Venegas said. Venegas’ family kept in touch with their Filipino heritage by having Filipino-themed parties. Venegas told Michael Sager that he was often asked to sing at his family’s parties. 

“It was always so fun at those Filipino parties,” Venegas said. “Everyone was so nice and the food was so good.” Venegas said that he visited the Philippines for the first time to compete in The Voice Teens Philippines. “It was so much fun,” he stated. “The people there are so nice and I met so many cool celebrities.”

Venegas also met and bonded with his extended family. “I really enjoyed meeting my family there because I had family I had never met before because they all live in the Philippines,” Venegas said. “So when I went to the Philippines and met them they were all so cool and it was such an awesome experience.”

The songwriter said he enjoyed the country’s culinary offerings. Venegas mentioned Halo-halo, the unofficial national dessert of the Philippines, as his favorite Filipino meal. 

Venegas’ parents often accompany him to singing competitions. After Venegas’ American Idol audition, his mom told Lionel Richie that he inspired Venegas. Richie replied: “We flip the switch now. I inspired him back then? He just inspired us today. That performance was spot-on perfection.”