Taylor Zakhar Perez’ sexuality – All we know

Taylor Zakhar

Following his breakout role as Marco Valentin Pena in The Kissing Booth, Taylor Zakhar Perez will play Alex Claremont-Diaz in the Amazon Prime film Red, White & Royal Blue, which is based on a 2019 novel by Casey McQuinston. Alex is the son of an American president who falls in love with a British royal second in line to the throne. 

Taylor Zakhar Perez’s sexuality is unclear; fans suspect he is queer

Taylor Zakhar Perez is an open book on most issues except his sexuality. The actor’s sexuality is unclear. 

The silence has sparked theories among fans, with the most popular one claiming Perez is queer. Perez gleefully plays LGBTQ roles – his character in Red, White & Royal Blue is bisexual – and is an ardent supporter of the LGBTQ community. 

So far, Perez has only been linked to women. He was rumored to be dating Joey King, his co-star in The Kissing Booth. In an interview on the Chicks in the Office podcast, Perez expressed admiration for King but denied dating her. Perez said:

“We know what our relationship is, we love each other dearly. It’s been interesting how everyone has been trying to make something out of it, but it’s fine. I mean, hey, I would love to be dating Joey King. She’s dope. I love her. I love her dearly. I’d do anything for her. We’re not dating. I’ll end it with that.”

Perez was also linked with British actor Maisie Richardson-Sellers. The rumors didn’t stick, however, as Maisie is in a relationship with singer Clay. 

The actor talked to Glamour about the qualities of an ideal partner. “I love adventurous people, someone that says yes all the time,” Perez said. “I paddle board and hike and surf, so I feel like my friends are my type. I’m a huge proponent of dating friends or people you’ve had heart-to-hearts with before you become intimate. Emotional intimacy is way more important to me than sexual intimacy.”

However, Perez refused to address his sexuality or his dating life.