Who are Taylen Biggs’ parents? How they handle criticism and her career

By okaybliss — ON Apr 07, 2023
Taylen Biggs
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Taylen Biggs is an almost 10-year-old who knows more about fashion than you do. Most fashion influencers online can only dream of having her resume: she’s walked runways at Swim Week, Miami Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week; she’s affiliated with brands like Kardashian Kids, Jeremy Scott, Betsey Johnson, and Disney; she’s brushed shoulders with megastar celebrities, including Lil Wayne. 

Taylen’s mother, Angelica Clad, isn’t concerned that social media will affect Taylen’s body image

Taylen Biggs was born on 23rd March 2013 to Josh and Angelica Clad in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Her younger sister, Aleia Biggs, is also a fashion influencer. Collectively, Taylen and Angelica are known as The Biggs Sisters. 

Angelica told Cosmopolitan that Taylen went viral as a 6-month-old baby by accident. “I didn’t even know [what the term ‘viral’ meant],” Angelica told the outlet. The Kardashians introduced Taylen to the fashion world when they contacted Angelica with an offer to allow Taylen to model for Kardashian Kids. 

“She was 18 months old when she started working with them,” Angelica said. Angelica told Cosmopolitan that she wasn’t searching for fame when she posted Taylen’s photo – she merely wanted to share images of an incredibly photogenic toddler. 

At 18 months old, Taylen became famous worldwide thanks to her mother. With fame comes scrutiny, some of which is negative. A prevalent issue among social media influencers is body image – they receive all sorts of comments about their bodies, which can impact their mental health. 

Angelica, a stay-at-home mom who manages Taylen and Aleia’s social media accounts, isn’t concerned about that. She told Cosmopolitan:

“I was taught from very early on that if you get love and support from your family, yes, things are going to affect you because you’re human, but those problems [won’t] become problems. [They’ll] become issues that you speak about and you let go away.”

Angelica, who has a BS in fashion marketing, told the outlet that she’s always loved fashion but had no idea that Taylen would become a fashionista. “I have a love for fashion and, of course, now a bigger love for my girls,” she stated. “I put it all together and it’s just what the result was. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Angelica doesn’t believe that she is exploiting her children

Taylen Biggs is a star. However, she has no control over her content, the events she attends, or the celebrities she meets. Angelica handles her social media account and any sponsored posts. Critics say she is exploiting her children for profit; Angelica disagrees. 

“The way I see it is, we all have our opinions. If those opinions are not affecting my children’s lives and well-being, then I will put those aside. But the moment you become aggressive toward my children on our page, I’m just going to block and you move on.”

Angelica said she moderates Taylen’s internet access. “Anything in moderation, and with the right guidelines and right monitoring, is crucial for any family,” Taylen’s mom said. She also tries to expose her children to as normal a life as possible, she added. 

Taylen is a child in an adult world who’ll inevitably get exposed to ‘adult’ topics. Taylen’s September 2022 interview with rapper Latto sparked an intense discussion about Taylen’s exposure to ‘inappropriate’ content. 

“I think I’m authentic,” Latto told Taylen. “I think I give a modern, sexually liberated woman. You’ll learn about that later.”

Netizens questioned whether Latto’s answer was appropriate, given the tender age of the interviewer. @Dani_Knope tweeted:

“There are definitely ‘little kid’ ways to say that same thing. Like modern, confident, loving and appreciating the body that I have, friendly/social, ‘feeling free to enjoy adulthood’. Who says ‘sexually liberated’ to the babies!”

Some netizens declined to criticize Latto, aiming their discontent toward Taylen’s parents for placing her in that situation. @hardwhitemaraj tweeted: “Why should Latto have to censor herself? Her music is very vulgar and explicit. If it’s anyone to blame it’s the little girl’s parents.”

Angelica didn’t respond to the controversy. However, she told Cosmopolitan that she has no regrets about exposing her children to the social media world:

“I haven’t even posted something and taken it down. But I’m very careful on what photos I post — I’m not going to share very intimate things from the bathroom or anything like that. I know what to put out there that’s good for my family and my girls.”

Josh is a partner for a global insurance company who’s involved in her daughter’s career

Angelica does most of the work for her daughters, with Josh chipping in when he can. She told Cosmopolitan that Josh’s career as a partner for a global insurance company offers him plenty of flexibility. Angelica added:

“He’s involved in everything! It’s so wonderful to see. He’s always asking about the photos that went up, and there are times he will take her to [her] job, and I will stay home with Aleia and finish up whatever I have to do.”

Josh told 60 Minutes‘ Sarah Abo that Taylen isn’t a puppet and he would ‘shut down her profile in a heartbeat if she no longer wanted to do it’.