Is Sacred Riana really possessed? The rumors debunked

By Chege Karomo — ON Jan 25, 2023
Sacred Riana

The return of Sacred Riana on the Got Talent stage has excited fans. Sacred Riana went viral when she appeared on season 13 of America’s Got Talent and made it to the quarter-finals. 

Riana is an illusionist who incorporates thriller and horror elements into her acts. Riana is an enigma: she speaks when she wants, often in a muffled and unclear manner; constantly twitches her head and left arm; covers most of her face with her hair; stands with one leg bent; and almost exclusively wears red and white. 

Sacred Riana’s act and personality have prompted some fans to wonder whether she is haunted. 

Sacred Riana is not possessed – she’s always in character when the cameras are rolling

Sacred Riana’s real name is Marie Antoinette Riana Graharani. She was born on 13th July 1992 in Jakarta, Indonesia, where she learned magic from her father. 

Riana is not possessed – she drew inspiration from popular horror genre characters when molding her on-stage persona. Sadako from the Japanese film The Ring inspired Riana to cover her face and speak only when necessary. 

Sacred Riana’s doll Riani, which is often dressed like Riana, was modeled after the creepy Annabelle doll.   

Riana’s manager Bow Vernon reportedly told Talent Recap that Marie is quiet and shy in real life. Vernon claimed that Riana has natural telekinetic abilities, which she discovered as a teenager. “She really has telekinetic powers,” Vernon said. “It’s always been there before and she’s training herself further.”

The reality or lack thereof of telekinesis remains unclear, so we can’t accuse Vernon of lying. We are certain, however, that Riana is a gifted illusionist with an admirable commitment to staying in character whenever the cameras are rolling. 

Before she became an international star, Riana gave an interview on Indonesian television in which she switched seamlessly from Sacred Riana to Marie Antoinette. From the video, Marie is warm and responsive, the polar opposite of the cold and expressionless Riana.  

We know little else about Marie Antoinette. An Indonesian film series titled The Sacred Riana is based on the mysterious character. However, it’s unclear whether the films mirror Riana’s real life or are fictional. 

Riana’s Instagram page reveals little about her personal life beyond her admiration of Queen Elizabeth II. “Been visiting your land, your Majesty,” Riana wrote alongside a photo of the late monarch in September 2022, “it tells thousand stories ever been. For all you’ve been done for almost a century, God save the Queen.”