Pig: the ending, explained — Is the pig dead or alive?

By Feron Jayawardene — ON May 24, 2022
Nicolas Cage in Pig
Rob (Nicolas Cage) | Photo by David Reamer/Neon

Pig is an unconventional story of loss and grief. Nicholas Cage stars as Robin Feld, a hermit-like truffle hunter who lives with his pet pig. But when the pig is stolen, he must revisit his old life filled with grief to get answers for his stolen pet where he and the characters around him must come to terms with their lost companions. 

Caution: Spoilers ahead!

Rob’s pig is stolen, and he meets an old friend for information 

The film starts by introducing a hunter called Rob (Nicolas Cage) who is searching for truffles with his pet pig. Living alone in a small hut inside a jungle, he sells the truffles to Amir (Alex Wolff) for money and other items. 

One day, however, a couple steals the pig and Rob travels with Amir to his hometown of Portland. In Portland, Rob meets an old friend called Edgar (Darius Pierce), who runs a fighting ring with the chefs in Portland. 

Edgar denies having any information, but Rob enters into a fight and gets beaten to get Edgar’s sympathy. Edgar later gives Rob a clue by asking him to book a reservation at a modern restaurant called Eurydice. 

Rob’s true identity is revealed 

During breakfast, the next morning, one of Amir’s chefs recognizes Rob as Robin Feld, a well-renowned chef in Portland who had a successful chain of restaurants until his wife had passed away. The loss of his wife had forced Rob to quit cooking where he now spends his time with his pig hunting for truffles.

Amir also says that his mother is now in a coma after an attempted suicide due to family issues. He also recalls a dinner the family had which was cooked by Rob and tells that it was one of the happiest moments of the family together. 

However, Amir informs us that this is not possible because of a deal he had made with his father Darius (Adam Arkin). The father and son are both high-end restaurant owners and they both have agreed to not step into each other’s territory. Rob, however, manages to convince Amir into booking a reservation to which Amir yield. 

Meanwhile, Rob tries to come to terms with his wife’s loss by visiting their old home. 

Rob gets vital information about the Pig

At the restaurant, they are met with Derrick (David Knell), the head chef of the restaurant who Rob had fired for overcooking pasta. After speaking for some time and criticizing Derrick for not chasing after his dreams, Derrick reveals that Darius was behind the theft of the pig. 

An angry Rob starts attacking Amir’s car out of frustration and ends their truffle deal. They both later go to meet Darius who offers $25,000 for the pig, but he declines. Darius reveals that he kidnapped the pig after knowing that Amir had violated their agreement when he employed Rob to hunt truffles, although this was not in the original agreement. 

Darius also reveals how he was jealous when Amir’s restaurant business took off. That night, Amir visits his mother who is in a coma. 

Amir and Rob manage to convince Darius after deploying a plan 

A determined Rob plans to make the same food he made when the family came for dinner in a bid to gain information. Rob sends Amir to get all the ingredients needed for the dinner, including a rare bottle of wine which is kept at the tomb of Rob’s wife. 

Rob also tells Amir that he does not need the pig to hunt truffles. Rather, the pig is treated as a companion and as an escape mechanism from the death of his wife. 

Later that night, they both sneak inside the house of Darius and cook the meal together. When Darius comes, they serve the food and Darius gets emotional after tasting the meal. 

Darius takes them to the office to reveal the truth behind the pig. 

What happened to the pig?

Back in the office, Darius reveals that the couple he hired to steal the pig had been too aggressive, resulting in the pig’s death. 

Rob informs Amir to drive him back to his hut and agrees to supply him with the truffles. Rob also says, 

“If I didn’t come searching for her, she will still be alive.”

After coming to the hut, Rob plays a recorded tape of his wife singing which means that he has come to terms with her death and had decided to let that part of his life go, ending the film. 

Speaking about the meaning behind the film to The Film Stage, the director Michael Sarnoski says,

“We need to dig down and find the things that connect us as human beings and stop just using superficial methods to express who we are and how we bond with people. We should acknowledge that there’s a core that unites us as people. Sometimes that core comes from really sad, sometimes dark places, but we need to see that and share that in order to move forward. Hopefully, Pig is one of those movies that encourages people to see the people in others.”