Who is Mike Baker’s wife? The businessman’s partner Emily Baker

By Sonam Peldon — ON Aug 07, 2023
Mike Baker
New York Post

Mike Baker, the chairman of global intelligence firm Portman Square Group, wrote in his book that his CIA colleagues doubted his decision to retire early. “When I said I was going [to] leave, I had many coworkers who were legitimately concerned as to what I was going to do next,” Mike told Entrepreneur

Mike Baker and his wife, Emily Baker, share three children

Mike Baker is married to Emily Baker. The pair keep the details of their relationship secret. Nevertheless, they have three sons, Scooter, Sluggy, and Muggsy. The boys have an older half-sister from Mike’s previous marriage. 

During an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, Mike said he regretted not pushing religion on his kids. “I’m not agnostic, I’m not an atheist, by any means, I think there’s something higher up there. I don’t mean that I’ve failed to take the kids to a certain organized church every Sunday … but I feel like I may have dropped the ball in giving them a sense of something bigger,” Mike explained

Mike said his problem with religion was that various groups believe they have a ‘lock on the truth’. “I may have gone too far in the other direction,” Mike mused. “I should’ve given them the chance to at least think about it.”

The businessman said that he and Emily, a Catholic, enrolled the boys in Catholic school during the pandemic. However, after one of them collapsed in three consecutive church services, Mark and Emily re-enrolled their sons in a public school. “He became known as the Mass fainter,” Mike joked. 

Mike expressed hope that his children would gravitate towards religion, regardless of the denomination. He explained that his perception of Christianity and the Bible changed after he and Emily attended a United Methodist Church. Mike told Rogan:

“The whole point of the Bible is it’s ambiguous, it’s diverse, it’s a collection of, of books, essentially, over a long period of time. … and that was the first time I really heard that about the Bible, where it’s not an instruction manual or ‘how to’ manual; it’s more of a way to pursue, in a sense, ‘what am I looking for?’ I think the question, ‘what am I looking for?’… maybe there’s some value there.”