Letitia Wright’s sexuality — Her love life explored

Letitia Wright

Letitia Wright’s experience on the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever set was soiled by an August 2021 accident that left her with a concussion and a shoulder fracture. Wright returned to England to recover before filming her scenes in early 2022. “I’m still processing it,” Wright said. “I’m still working through it in therapy. It was really traumatic.”

Wright plays a starring role in the film, and according to some fans, the film is setting her character up with Riri ‘Ironheart’ Williams. Black Panther has embraced LGBTQ relationships, so the theory isn’t far-fetched. 

The rumors have led to inquiries about Letitia Wright’s sexuality. 

Wright’s sexuality is unclear as she hasn’t dated in public

Letitia Wright has graced our screens for over a decade, and her sexuality remains a mystery. She hasn’t addressed the subject; furthermore, Letitia’s lack of public relationships prevents us from making conclusions about her sexuality. 

In 2018, Letitia was linked with John Boyega after the couple attended the Met Gala together. However, the long-time friends never dated. Boyega and Letitia were in the same class at the Identity School of Acting. John talked to The Grio about the friends’ relationship:

“I remember seeing Letitia and we would speak about our dreams and our visions. We would speak about our spirituality, our relationship with God, prayer, and various other things. We knew something was cooking. We knew there was a group of people that were gonna come out of there and really do it.”

Letitia told Dazed that she doesn’t fancy dating a fellow actor because they rarely stay committed to one partner. Wright explained:

“I’m like, ‘Yeah, but they’re dating every girl they fancy.’ You don’t want that. Like oh, dang – you’ve got five chicks? I’m not trying to be number six. I’m just trusting that I will find the person that’s for me when the time is right.”

Letitia revealed she is in no hurry to find love

Letitia has often stated that she is in no rush to find love, which is why she has little interest in dating apps. “I just need to meet the one person that’s for me and that’s it,” Wright told Dazed. “I don’t need all that website stuff.”

Wright added that Black Panther fame complicates online dating. She explained: “[My friend] has the benefit of exploring without somebody going, ‘Oh my God! Wakanda Forever!’ She doesn’t have that problem.”

Letitia added that her friends describe her as being too passive in her love life, but she’s just being guarded. Wright said: “I have a whole thing about not wanting my heart to be broken. You can’t enjoy your blessings when you go through that.”

Wright told The Independent that she’ll wait as long as it takes for the right person and won’t be tempted to search online for a partner:

“I think it’s a pure and beautiful thing to be like, ‘I’m gonna wait for love. I’m gonna wait and save myself for the right person.’ I’m not really familiar with the Hinge world but I have friends on it, and I have huge respect for people that have the capacity to do it.”