What is Kayla Cardona’s ethnicity? The reality star’s Filipino roots

By Chege Karomo — ON Sep 11, 2023
Kayla Cardona

Kayla Cardona is one of the stars of Netflix’s Selling the OC. Cardona told Women’s Health that she didn’t change her personality for the cameras. “I pretty much cried every single scene… I was cringing, not gonna lie,” Cardona. She couldn’t resist a dig at her castmates, saying, “I definitely saw personalities change, it was quite interesting.”

Kayla Cardona is Filipino American; she was born and raised in Orange County, California

Kayla Cardona is Filipino American. She was raised by Chris Cardona and JoAnn Cardona in Orange County, California, alongside her younger sister, Courtney. 

Cardona’s profile on The Oppenheim Group’s website reads: “As an Orange County native, Kayla’s knowledge of the region allows her to cater and adapt to all of her client’s needs.”