Where is Joanne Woodward now? Her life after Paul’s death

By Chege Karomo — ON Jul 22, 2022
Joanne Woodward
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Joanne Woodward was one of the stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood. She portrayed complex characters throughout her nearly 50-year career, winning innumerable awards. She is best known for portraying a woman with personality disorders in The Three Faces of Eve, which earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress. 

Woodward is also famous for her relationship with fellow actor Paul Newman, which features in HBO Max’s The Last Movie Stars. The pair’s romance stood out in Hollywood for its longevity – but few knew of the struggles the couple underwent to keep it afloat. The Last Movie Stars reveals all. 

Joanne Woodward lives in Westport, Connecticut, and has Alzheimer’s

Joanne’s children noticed a change in her behavior shortly after Paul Newman’s death in 2008. Woodward was by Newman’s side when he drew his last breath. Clea Newman, the couple’s daughter, told CBS News:

“When my father was dying, my mother, she didn’t want to be in the room. And so, we were walking around in the living room, and then she looked at me and she said, ‘I have to go to him.’ And she walked in, and just grabbed his feet, and he took his last breath. Even in death, the last person he wanted to connect with was her.”

The pair’s children – Nell, Melissa, and Claire – suspected Joanne was battling depression due to the passing. However, doctors diagnosed Joanne with Alzheimer’s, which her mother also struggled with. 

Joanne received an experimental treatment at Alder Geriatric Assessment Center, which failed. A source speaking to Closer Weekly said Joanne doesn’t remember her romance with Paul and the identities of her children:

“[She] can no longer remember details of her life with Paul. She will occasionally say she used to be married to someone handsome, but that’s it. She doesn’t even re- member the love of her life!”

“She barely speaks anymore, and hardly ever recognizes her own daughters or grandchildren. It’s heartbreaking to see her this way. She is so far gone that they feel she is reaching her end point.”

Woodward receives care at the Westport, Connecticut, home she and Paul raised their children. The couple’s daughters keep in touch, with Melissa living next door to Joanne.