Is J. Harrison Ghee married? The actor’s love life detailed

J. Harrison Ghee

J. Harrison Ghee and Alex Newell made history by becoming the first out nonbinary people to win Tony Awards. “My mother raised me to understand that my gifts that God gave me were not about me,” Ghee said in their acceptance speech. “To use them to be effective in the world to help somebody else’s journey.”

J. Harrison Ghee keeps their dating life private; it’s unclear whether they are married

J. Harrison Ghee’s marital status is unclear. However, it seems they are single. 

Ghee is pansexual: they are attracted to people regardless of gender or sex. They haven’t dated anyone publicly so far, but they’ve admitted to dating women. Ghee told Metro Weekly:

“I know I am put on this earth to make women happy. I happen to make women happy by how well I do my make-up, and how well I can do it on them, and the way I treat a woman, and respect a woman, and give them energy. I’ve dated women.”

Ghee proudly identifies as a nonbinary pansexual black artist. They told Elle Magazine that their outlook on life changed after they stopped hiding:

“[Drag] made me special. I had to accept that to be able to step into fuller versions of myself. It’s often those things that we try to hide or keep away from everyone that really are what make us special and help us shine. I hope to inspire and encourage people. Don’t hide those special attributes about yourself. Celebrate them. Allow them to live out loud.”