Is Hadley Gamble married? Her ideal partner detailed

By Chege Karomo — ON Apr 25, 2023
Hadley Gamble
Tom Dulat/Getty Images

Hadley Gamble’s complaint accusing Jeffrey Shell of inappropriate conduct with a female employee led to his dismissal as CEO of NBCUniversal. NBCUniversal stated that an investigation by outside counsel found evidence to corroborate Hadley’s allegations. “The investigation into Mr. Shell arose from a complaint by my client of sexual harassment and sex discrimination,” Hadley’s attorney, Suzanne McKie, told Variety

Hadley Gamble is not married and is looking for a trustworthy and kind partner

Hadley Gamble is not married and seems single. She talked to Harper’s Bazaar about the qualities she looks for in a man: ‘trust, transparency, kindness, [and] and the chutzpah to tell it like it is’. 

“Every relationship teaches you more about yourself and the whole point of living is to grow and become a better, stronger and hopefully, more interesting person,” Hadley talked to the outlet about lessons learned from past relationships. 

A statement by Shell, who is married, states that he and Hadley had an inappropriate relationship. The statement reads:

“Today is my last day as CEO of NBCUniversal. I had an inappropriate relationship with a woman in the company, which I deeply regret,’ Shell confirmed Sunday in a statement shared shortly after Comcast’s. ‘I’m truly sorry I let my Comcast and NBCUniversal colleagues down.’”

Hadley was accused by Russian media personalities of attempting to seduce Vladimir Putin

Hadley Gamble was the last Western journalist to interview Vladimir Putin before he ordered the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The interview drew fury from Russian media personalities who accused Hadley of being part of a US plot to seduce Russia’s leader. 

Following the October 2021 interview, Russian state media accused Hadley of trying to distract Putin by flirting with him. Olga Skabeeva said on the state show 60 Minutes that part of the US’s plot to get to Putin involved sending beautiful women to interview him:

“Look at Comrade Gamble, she is also a beauty. Look at Megyn Kelly, she is the woman the Americans brought the last time. She was a blonde, this time it’s a brunette. They’re in the same age and weight category. They keep trying to get to Putin.”

Per The Daily Mail, journalist Mikhail Markelov described Hadley as America’s secret weapon. Propagandist Dmitry Kiselyov said Hadley acted ‘shamelessly’ and ‘cast wistful glances’ at Putin. He also criticized Hadley’s attire for the interview.

“Hadley squeezed into a tight black dress, fluffed up her flowing hair, and put on a pair of nude leg-lengthening Louboutin high-heel pumps,” he stated, adding that Hadley’s legs were ‘covered in shimmering body oil, as though this wasn’t a work assignment.’ 

Putin noticed Hadley’s beauty. “A beautiful woman, pretty,” he remarked, facing the Moscow audience at Russia’s Energy Week. 

“I had just turned 40 and this man is telling me I looked beautiful, instead of answering the question, it made me laugh,” Hadley talked to Harper’s Bazaar Arabia about the interview.