Is Franklin Floyd still alive? Detailing the whereabouts of the notorious criminal

By Sonam Peldon — ON Jul 10, 2022
Franklin Floyd

Netflix’s recent true-crime documentary Girl in the Picture has resurfaced the harrowing tale of Tonya Hughes, also known as Sharon Marshall, to public memory. The events surrounding her seemingly accidental death and the subsequent abduction and murder of her son, Michael, all have one common denominator – Franklin Floyd.

Floyd, whose long list of criminal records then ranged from bank robbery to numerous sexual assaults, was also found to be complicit in the 1989 murder of Tonya’s colleague, Cheryl Ann Commesso. After a decade of escaping the repercussions of his crimes, justice prevailed when Floyd was finally indicted and sentenced to death in 2002.

Franklin Floyd is currently on death row in Florida’s Union Correctional Institution for the murder of Cheryl Commesso

Nearly six years after the disappearance of Cheryl Commesso, her remains were found near Pinellas County, Florida in the March of 1995. Further evidence – in the form of pictures showing her being bounded and tortured – was found in Floyd’s pickup truck. He was subsequently convicted of her murder after the evidence came to light.

Franklin Floyd, currently aged 79 years old, is on death row in Florida’s Union Correctional Institution. He was sentenced to death on November 22, 2002, after the twelve-member jury unanimously found him guilty of the first-degree murder of Cheryl Ann Commesso.

Although currently in incarceration and awaiting execution, Floyd has numerous disciplinary records to his name for disorderly conduct, unarmed assault of inmates, disrespecting the officials, and disobeying orders.