Why did Gabriel Iglesias break up? His relationship with Claudia Valdez

By Chege Karomo — ON Oct 20, 2022
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Gabriel Iglesias, aka Fluffy, summarizes his 25-year career in the first episode of Variety’s docuseries My Comedy Journey. Fluffy has experienced wild success in the comedy business, becoming one of the most recognizable funnymen in the world. Iglesias has done several comedy specials on Comedy Central and Netflix. 

Fluffy filmed his upcoming Netflix special, Gabriel Iglesias: Stadium Fluffy Live from Los Angeles, at Dodger Stadium, a venue that had never hosted a comedian before Iglesias. 

Gabriel’s jokes often touch on his personal life. However, Iglesias leaves out his love life in his performances, preferring to draw humor from other places, like his family. This piece looks at Gabriel’s breakup with Claudia Valdez. 

Gabriel broke up with Claudia Valdez as he battled depression and alcoholism

Claudia Valdez and Gabriel Iglesias
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According to The Sun, Gabriel and Valdez were first spotted together in 2008. They embarked on a long-term private relationship that ended in mid-2020. 

The details about Gabriel and Claudia’s break up remain unclear, but we suspect Fluffy’s battle with depression and alcoholism had something to do with it. 

In June 2020, Gabriel told people that his life fell apart under the stress of balancing work and family. Consequently, Gabriel broke up with Claudia. “I went into survival mode,” Gabriel said

Iglesias said being single allowed him to focus on his career, his son, and his dogs. “I feel like I’ve got everything I ever wanted.”

Fluffy isn’t biologically related to his son, Frankie; he is Claudia’s son from a previous relationship. Iglesias maintained a close relationship with Frankie despite his split from Claudia. 

Gabriel told Billboard that he regretted not spending enough time with Frankie as he grew up. The realization prompted him to postpone some of his 2017 shows so he could reconnect with family. Gabriel talked to the outlet about his heart-to-heart with Claudia’s son:

“(I said), ‘I’m sorry for all the years of missing birthdays, years of me being gone on Christmas, years of me being away. I could’ve done better, and I could’ve been more involved’. And he was awesome. He hugged me said, ‘It’s OK.’”