Where is David Shamblin today? His life after divorcing Gwen

By Chege Karomo — ON Feb 06, 2023
David Shamblin and Gwen Shamblin

The latest project inspired by Gwen Shamblin’s controversial ministry is Lifetime’s Gwen Shamblin: Starving for Salvation. Shamblin found fame through the Weigh Down Workshop, a weight-loss program designed to help participants combat weight loss through religion. Despite criticism from experts for its methods, the Weigh Down Workshop grew into a multi-million-dollar enterprise. 

Gwen was the face of the business; her first husband, David Shambin, worked behind the scenes as the CEO. Four decades after marrying in 1978, David and Gwen divorced, angering a congregation conditioned to believe divorce was a cardinal sin. 

David Shamblin adopted a secretive life after Gwen founded Remnant Fellowship 

David Shamblin adopted a secretive life after Gwen founded her ministry, Remnant Fellowship. He continued running Weigh Down Workshop but rarely, if ever, participated in Remnant Fellowship events or attended church services. 

It’s unclear why David avoided Remnant Fellowship. However, speculation suggests that as a Masters of Divinity scholar, he felt uncomfortable peddling his wife’s lies about religion. Another claim states that David, of heavy build, objected to Gwen’s canon of pursuing thinness.

David obtained a $3.2 million settlement following his divorce from Gwen. The divorce prevented him from inheriting Gwen’s estate despite Gwen naming him the primary beneficiary. The couple’s children – Elizabeth Hannah and Michael Shamblin – inherited Gwen’s wealth. 

Unlike David, Elizabeth and Michael are involved in Remnant Fellowship. Gwen had claimed that half of the money she generated went to the church, an allegation supported by Elizabeth. However, Gwen’s will left no money to the church. Remnant Fellowship responded as follows to the controversy:

“In regards to Gwen’s estate, Gwen, Michael, and Elizabeth decided almost two decades ago to give approximately $10 million of what would have been Michael and Elizabeth’s inheritance to the building and grounds of Remnant Fellowship Church.”