What is David Gridley’s ethnicity? All we know about his heritage

By Chege Karomo — ON May 22, 2023
David Gridley
Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage

Despite the challenges – bad weather and food poisoning – David Gridley enjoyed filming Love in Zion National: A National Park Romance, which debuted on Hallmark on 20th May 2023. “I really enjoyed the last day and final scene when we wrapped,” David told Survived the Shows. “It was great to celebrate with the crew and finish a shoot that had a lot of challenges.”

David Gridley is Caucasian; he grew up in Senoia, Georgia

David Gridley was born on 3rd December 1990 to Katie and Tom Gridley. He is Caucasian. 

The actor grew up alongside two siblings, Jenna and Jason, in Senoia, Georgia. Katie is a licensed speech pathologist who teaches language to children. She authored the Silly Sid book series, which David illustrated. Katie and David’s bio on Author House reads:

“She [Katie] is a licensed Speech Pathologist and also tutors in reading using the Orton-Gillingham and Wilson methods. Her passion for teaching children led her to create the Silly Sid series. David Gridley is the son of Katie Gridley. He has always had a gift and passion for the arts.”

David plays Adam Proudstar, a Native Puebloan, in the Hallmark movie. Native Puebloans, also known as the Anasazi, were an ancient American culture that spanned southeastern Utah, northeastern Arizona, northwestern New Mexico, and southwestern Colorado.

He told Just Jared that he enjoyed learning about Anasazi culture while researching his role. “Just being part of telling the history of the Anasazi people and being able to do research on that to understand their lifestyle,” David described why he enjoyed working on the project.

David caught the acting bug during a trip to Universal Studios. He told Survived the Shows: “I’ve always loved movies and been fascinated with the entire process of creating a movie. Going to Universal studios at a young age and doing the studio tour blew my mind. That’s when acting truly became a dream for me.”