What happened to MrBeast’s Chris Tyson wife? Her life after Chris HRT announcement

By Chege Karomo — ON Apr 13, 2023
Chris MrBeast wife

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) saved Chris Tyson’s life, the social media tweeted on 6th April 2023. Chris revealed via the platform that they’d struggled with body dysmorphia for two decades and had finally decided to transform into the gender they felt most connected to. Chris tweeted they are happy that their transformation has sparked conversations about HRT and its benefits. 

Katie Tyson, Chris Tyson’s wife, seems to be co-parenting her son alongside Chris

Chris and Katie Tyson are raising their son, Tucker, together. Their social media posts show the family is spending quality time together. 

In an early April 2023 Instagram post by Katie, captioned ‘He has Risen!’, Chris commented, “I’m the best photographer.” The comment shows that they, Katie, and Tucker spent Easter together. 

The status of Chris and Katie’s marriage is unclear. However, they seem committed to raising Tucker together. Chris tweeted that their transition won’t impact their parenting abilities:

“I know I’m going to be a great parent, and so is every other person who puts the love of their child before everything. I made this decision because I wanted to show up as my best and happiest self for him. In a way, this way FOR Tucker.”

The last internet photo of Chris and Katie was uploaded in December 2021. The lack of couply social media activity suggests that Chris and Katie have separated.