Who is Chris Cortazzo’s wife? The real estate broker’s love life

Chris Cortazzo

Chris Cortazzo is one of Malibu’s top realtors, regularly handling transactions worth millions of dollars. Despite success in the uber-luxury segment, Cortazzo rarely shuns a listing due to its relatively low value. “I have a passion for Malibu, and I love to share it with people,” Cortazzo told digs.net. “I don’t derive my ego from being the number one agent. I treat everyone equally.”

Chris Cortazzo is not married or dating; he welcomed his two children via surrogate

Chris Cortazzo

Chris Cortazzo is a father, but he isn’t married. He welcomed his children, Aniello Vincenzo and Amore, via surrogate. Cortazzo often uploads photos of his children on Instagram. “CANADIAN SUMMER,” he captioned a late July 2023 photo of the kids having fun in Canada.

Cortazzo told digs.net that Aniello’s birth inspired him to leave the brokerage firm Coldwell Banker, where he was ranked first among approximately 90,000 agents worldwide, and start his own firm, Compass. “It [Aniello’s birth] has made me refocus on the importance of life and time,” Cortazzo said. “I had a baby and I wanted to shake this up in life. It was a very big decision after 25 years.”

The real estate agent has been linked romantically to several people, including actress Shannen Doherty. In early August 2023, the pair referred to each other as ‘hubby’ and ‘wifey’ in Instagram posts about their ‘date night’. The post sparked rumors that the couple might be dating. 

However, past Instagram uploads suggest that the pair have a platonic relationship. Celebrating Cortazzo’s birthday in early February 2021, Shannen wrote on IG: “Today is an epic day because on this day, @chriscortazzo was born (we don’t talk about how many years ago). I couldn’t ask for a more kind, loving, compassionate, funny best friend. You are a rock and not only am I blessed with your friendship but the world is just a better place with you in it. I love you Chris!!”

“Friends. Seriously, friends,” Doherty captioned a 13th December 2022 post featuring Cortazzo. “Like the people that will help you escape type friends. I love each of them so deeply.” 

Cortazzo and Shannen seem to have grown close during a difficult time – she’s fighting stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. “Relying on friends to help the cancer journey is essential,” Shannen captioned a since-deleted post, “and [Chris Cortazzo] happens to be amazing at making me laugh, feel loved, cherished and allows me to be true self at all times thru this process.”

English film director Duncan Roy claimed he was in a gay relationship with Chris Cortazzo

Some rumors claim that Chris Cortazzo is gay. The speculation stems from a sensational story by Duncan Roy, an English film director. 

Per The Independent, Roy claimed he and Cortazzo met at a sex addicts’ meeting in 2004. Roy allegedly threatened to expose the couple’s sexual relationship after he felt Cortazzo swindled him in a real estate deal. The Daily Beast quotes the following email from Roy to Cortazzo:

“We need to have a chat. If we don’t have a chat, I will be blogging about not only your out-of-control sex addiction, but also the fact that you conned me out of $500,000. I have a lawyer waiting to serve you. I urge you to contact me A.S.A.P.”

Cortazzo denied being a sex addict and having a sexual relationship with Roy. He accused Roy of maliciously staining his reputation. Roy denied he was going to publish his claims, saying he was simply trying to ‘catch Cortazzo’s attention’. 

A court gagged Roy for three years, barring him from telling the story of his alleged relationship with Cortazzo. Upon the expiry of the gag order, Roy detailed his story in a blog post describing Cortazzo as ‘The Bad Gay’.