What is Celine Boutier’s ethnicity? The golfer’s Asian roots

By Chege Karomo — ON Jul 31, 2023
Celine Boutier
Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Celine Boutier, the most decorated French woman on the LPGA Tour, added Evian Championship victory to her growing list of wins. Boutier made history by becoming the first French winner at the Evian Resort course. “It was definitely not easy and the conditions were tough, so I just tried to stay focused on each hole at one time,” Boutier said.

Celine Boutier was born to Thai parents in Montrouge, France

Celine Boutier was born on 10th November 1993 to Jacqueline and Christopher Boutier. Her parents emigrated from Thailand and settled in Montrouge, France, where they raised Boutier, her twin sister Christie, and her younger brother, Kevin. 

The family visited Thailand annually, allowing the kids to meet and bond with their extended family. “Any time I have the chance to come back to Thailand, I really enjoy coming back,” Boutier talked to lpga.com about competing at the Honda LPGA Thailand. Boutier told Epson Tour that she understands some Thai but isn’t fluent. 

She told the outlet that her father introduced his children to golf. “He is a very passionate player, so he took my younger brother, my twin sister and me to the course with him one day and that is how it took off. This was a family activity for us,” Boutier said. 

Boutier revealed that she didn’t take to golf immediately. However, unlike her sister, who stopped playing, Boutier kept at it. Eventually, golf became Boutier’s primary focus. “Dad took my brother and me and we joined the (local) junior school. It was once a week for an hour. I was doing a bunch of other activities so I wouldn’t say I took it very seriously. Then when I was like 11 years old, I started liking it more and more,” she continued. 

Boutier has proven herself at the highest level, dispelling early doubts that she wasn’t skilled enough to make it to the top. “I feel like when I started, a lot of people were kind of saying that I would never get there because I was too robotic, that I didn’t really have the level [of skill], and I wasn’t good enough,” Boutier told The New York Times