Who is Calum Scott’s partner? The singer’s love life detailed

Calum Scott

Calum Scott is currently on tour promoting his 2022 album Bridges. The Brit is also previewing new music during live shows. He expressed surprise at the overwhelmingly positive reaction to his upcoming releases. “Been sneaking a preview of my new song into the set at some of my recent shows! Cannot believe some of you are already singing along and have signs!” Scott tweeted

Calum Scott is single; he hopes to start a family soon

Calum Scott is not dating. The Biblical hitmaker is relatively open about his love life, sharing details about his dating experiences. 

Following his breakthrough performance on Britain’s Got Talent, Scott said he’d been single for two years. “I’m single, which is good because I can concentrate the hell out of my performances,” Scott told Now Magazine. “At some point I’m going to want to find someone to chill out with at the end of the night and talk about things.”

Scott has tried dating, but his busy career prevents him from sustaining relationships. Scott told Attitude that he broke up with a partner due to his busy schedule. “I think because of my movement and the work that I’m doing, you’ve got to find someone who is understanding and it’s hard because people don’t know this industry from the outside,” Scott said. 

Despite Scott’s assertion that he prefers dating people outside the industry, reports linked him with fellow artist Sam Smith. Scott told Daily Star that he and Smith were merely good friends. “We are just mates,” Scott said. “We stay in touch, texting and stuff like that. If we are in the same country we try and meet up but he is a jet-setter he is working hard on his album.”

Scott hopes to start a family soon, regardless of his relationship status. “I’m still single,” Scott told Guilty Pleasures in early 2023. “I’m still trying to find ‘the one’.” The singer said though he has an amazing career, he longs for a family. Scott continued:

“I’ve got this amazing career, and I hope to have it for the rest of my life, but what’s outside this job? I want to have my own family. I want to be able to do all that sort of stuff. This year I told myself I would look at surrogacy and what that looks like, and how to start my own family. Hopefully, as we go through this year, I’ll be sat making plans. I’ve always had a paternal instinct. I’ve always wanted to have kids.”

Calum Scott struggled with his sexuality in his early teens

Assisted by a gay friend, Scott came out aged 15. He told Metro he realized he was gay in his early teens and feared people would react negatively to the news. As revealed in Scott’s single No Matter What, his mother accepted his sexuality, telling him she would love him ‘no matter what’. Calum said:

“It was very innocent for me at the time but then because I felt like I was different from them, all of a sudden I started scrutinizing myself, got really down on myself to a point where I felt like I had to tell somebody and I’m a total mummy’s boy, so I trusted my mum.”

Unfortunately, most of his peers abandoned him after he came out, as detailed in the single Boys in the Street. “The beautiful thing about the way that the song is crafted is because it talks about pan and then it starts to get a bit better,” he stated. 

To Scott, coming out to loved ones and friends seemed easy compared to coming out to the whole world. However, the positive reaction to his single No Matter What convinced him he couldn’t stay closeted. “[I] played it in America to thousands and thousands of people and to just see rows and rows of people crying, hugging their parents, on their own screaming and just really relating to the song, it was so magical,” Scott told Attitude