The ending of Netflix’s Black Crab, explained

By Feron Jayawardene — ON Mar 26, 2022
Caroline Edh (played by Noomi Rapace)
Caroline Edh (played by Noomi Rapace) | Netflix

Black Crab is the latest addition of Netflix to its plethora of adventure thrilling movies. The story follows the mission bestowed to Caroline Edh (played by Noomi Rapace) to carry a mysterious package in exchange for information about her lost daughter that could bring an end to the war which is fought by two unknown armies.

The film keeps the names of the army and enemy hidden by choice, according to director Adam Berg. “We tried very hard throughout the film to not explain what has happened, not explain who’s fighting, who’s the enemy, all these kind of things that tend to be a bit boring, I think, when you explain too much,” he explained in an interview with Slash Film.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the film delivers a vague ending on the surface level with a dramatic end. However, the film holds bits and bobs of hidden conversations and plot twists to explain the objective behind this ending.

Caution: Obvious spoilers ahead!

Edh gets vital information about her kidnapped daughter

The movie opens with Edh and her daughter in a car before being attacked by unnamed soldiers where the daughter is kidnapped. The movie then skips to several years after the incident where Edh is taken to an army base to complete a daring mission.

Edh and six other soldiers meet Colonel Raad (played by David Dencik) who gives two mysterious packages to be delivered from Tessenoy to Odo crossing hundreds of miles of ice in skates. “This package can bring an end to the war”, says Colonel Raad before speaking to Edh alone.

Alone with Edh, the Colonel mentioned that Edh’s daughter has been spotted in a refugee camp at Odo. “You’ll be reunited as soon as you get there,” says the Colonel to make sure Edh delivers the package without any failures.

The package is revealed to be a deadly virus

After the team loses many soldiers including captain Forsberg (played by Aliette Opheim) and Karimi (played by Ardalan Esmaili), Granvik (played by Erik Enge) opens the package which reveals itself to be a deadly virus that can be used as a weapon of mass destruction.

Many soldiers oppose the given mission, but Edh continues to Odo with the determination to see her daughter. Edh is reluctantly joined by Nylund (played by Jakob Oftebro) and Granvik.

The team of three is attacked by an enemy camp where Granvik shoots back and kills the enemy. The next day, Edh and Granvik are awakened to enemy fire and later realises that Nylund had left them with the package. Granvik is killed in battle and Edh is injured though she manages to neutralise the enemy threat and track down Nylund. Edh shoots Nylund (not mortally) and delivers the virus to the base in Odo.

netflix Black Crab

Edh’s daughter is not in Odo in a shock revelation

Admiral Nordh greets an injured Edh and promotes her rank to second lieutenant and offers her the medal of honour and the national medal of courage. The Admiral says that the government plans to release the virus to the refugees which would then spread through the world. The Admiral also reveals her daughter was never in Odo.

“You needed all the motivation you could get out there. The hope brought you all the way here. I’m sorry Edh, but your daughter has never been here”, says Admiral Nordh. An angry Edh attacks the admiral, and she is later taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries. Reunited with Nylund, Edh convinces him to help destroy the virus. Nylund agrees.

They both infiltrate the camp laboratory and after a light fight between the army, retrieve the virus. A scientist prevents them from destroying the virus inside the base saying the destruction will release the virus into the soldiers.

Edh blows herself up to destroy the virus

Edh and Nylund escape the base to the launchpad where a swarm of soldiers and Admiral Nordh surrounds Edh. Nylund managed to get into a plane while Edh reveals she has attached the virus to a hand grenade.

Admiral Nordh tries to reason with her saying the war will come to an end and that Edh should think about her daughter. Edh replies, “That’s what I always do,” and jumps to the sea, effectively blasting the grenade with her and destroying the virus.

The movie ends by showing Edh reunited with her daughter under the sea. However, in reality, Edh is blown to bits and pieces and the virus has been destroyed.

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