Is Billy Gardell sick? His stunning weight loss explained

By Chege Karomo — ON Feb 09, 2023
Billy Gardell
Bill Inoshita/CBS via Getty Images

Billy Gardell thought his career had peaked after his starring role in Mike & Molly ended in 2016. Gardell booked guest and recurring roles, and for a while, it looked like production houses no longer viewed the actor and comedian as a leading man. However, he proved everybody wrong by landing the leading role of Bob in Bob Hearts Abishola

“I thought my ticket was stamped after Mike & Molly. I had no idea I was gonna get a ride with another wonderful cast and a show that I think has a beautiful sentiment about it. I’m always attracted to stuff where love conquers all, no matter what the situation is,” Gardell told Entertainment Tonight.

Gardell had type 2 diabetes, which he beat by losing weight and adopting a healthy lifestyle

Gardell has lost a lot of weight, raising concerns about his health. You need not worry, as Billy Gardell is healthier than ever after losing weight and adopting a healthy lifestyle. 

In 2011, Gardell told USA Today that he wanted to lose weight to improve his health: “Being healthy is the key. If you do the homework and come through the other side of it, I think you feel proud of what you’ve accomplished. I’d like to get my weight under control. Would I like to be 180 lbs.? Not really. Would I like to drop 50 lbs.? Absolutely.”

Gardell accelerated his weight loss after doctors diagnosed him with type 2 diabetes. “I lost about 30 pounds,” he told Entertainment Tonight. Gardell gained further weight loss inspiration after specialists placed him in the demographic at risk of a fatal COVID-19 infection. “I had a full bingo card,” he said. 

Gardell underwent bariatric weight loss surgery in July 2021 and adopted a healthy lifestyle to prevent him from regaining the lost weight. “The real battle is in [the mind],” he told Entertainment Tonight, “because people get this big again.” He said that the changes eliminated diabetes:

“You have a small window to change the way you live, the way you eat, the way you exercise, and so far I’ve been able to do that. I do it a day at a time and I’m just so, so very grateful that that happened for me. No more diabetes, no more bad blood numbers.”

Gardell told Kevin Frazier of Entertainment Tonight that his childhood home encouraged eating. Therefore, Gardell had to change his mindset about food to prevent excessive eating. The actor described it as a daily struggle:

“If you don’t have a problem with food, thank whatever god you pray to and be grateful you don’t, because it is a serious addiction, just like anything else. But I find my way. I do my thing in the morning and I try to stay between the lines and I’m grateful I get to.”

Gardell enjoys the healthy lifestyle he’s adopted. “My body feels better, my joints feel better, and I’m trying to stay around and annoy my wife for another 20 years,” he said.