Beetlejuice’s sister – what we know about Erica Green and her death

Beetlejuice’s sister Erica Green

Beetlejuice, whose real name is Lester Green, was a member of ‘The Wack Pack’ team that was featured on The Howard Stern Show during its peak in the 90s and 2000s. Deriving his stage name from the famous Tim Burton character, Beetlejuice’s medical condition of dwarfism and microcephaly is well known.

Born and raised in Marion, New Jersey, Beetlejuice was raised alongside five siblings; one of his sisters, Erica, being afflicted with similar conditions as her brother. As of recently, Beetlejuice lives in Georgia with his mother and has launched his own cryptocurrency, BeetCoin.

Beetlejuice’s sister, Erica, who once appeared on The Howard Stern Show is believed to have died

Beetlejuice had a younger sister named Erica Green who resembled him in her outward appearance and mannerisms. In one of the early episodes of The Howard Stern Show, Erica appeared with her mother Lillie.

At the time, Erica worked as an usher at a church and said that she made enough money to look after herself.

“I make sure the kids don’t run around the church, no eating gum, no eating candy in church, no hitting one another. These kids are going nuts,” Erica told the show.

In a later appearance on the show, Beetlejuice told Stern that his sister had passed away two years ago. He confirmed that it was Erica when Stern exclaimed in disbelief that the “lovely girl [he had] met” had died.

“She is in a better place, that’s all,” said Beetlejuice.

The nature of her passing is unknown as Beetlejuice did not disclose further details.