Where is Alexis Wright today? The disgraced Zumba teacher’s life

By Chege Karomo — ON Oct 17, 2022
Alexis Wright
Robert F. Bukaty/AP

Alexis Wright was run a fitness and dance instruction business by day and a prostitution ring at night. Wright’s case enthralled the nation because she kept a detailed client list, believed to have more than 100 names. Furthermore, investigators revealed that Wright secretly recorded her clients’ sexcapades for her business partner, Mark Strong. 

Strong, who worked in the insurance industry, viewed the live content from his office 100 miles away. Wright’s case brought attention to the seaside town of Kennebunk, a place famous for housing former President George Bush’s coastal estate. 

Alexis Wright’s story loosely inspired Lifetime’s Let’s Get Physical

Wright goes by Alexis Sandra Trowbridge following her release from prison

Alexis Wright
Alexis Wright | Tim Greenway/Associated Press

Prosecutors charged Alexis Wright with several prostitution-related counts and three counts relating to welfare and tax fraud. They expected Wright to seek a plea agreement due to the overwhelming evidence presented during Strong’s trial. 

Furthermore, Wright wanted to avoid a highly publicized trial containing salacious videos and lewd details about pornography. The Associated Press reported that Alexis answered guilty twenty times as the judge read the counts. 

“We are very satisfied with it [the plea agreement],” assistant attorney general Darcy Mitchell said. “It’s an appropriate outcome, given the gravity of her actions.”

The judge sentenced Alexis to ten months in prison, but she secured early release after serving nearly six months. Authorities reduced the sentence due to Alexis’ good behavior and participation in a prison program. Alexis told reporters she had no comment as she walked into a vehicle driven by Jason Trowbridge, her husband.

The plea agreement empowered prosecutors to seek restitution of $57,250 following Alexis’ prison release. After leaving jail, Alexis adopted the name Alexis Sandra Trowbridge. Her current whereabouts remain a mystery. 

Wright was investigated following strange sightings at her massage parlor

After marrying Jason, Wright rented a space in a strip mall where she set up her Zumba studio. She rented another shop for a massage business dubbed Sensual Body Work by Lydia. 

Susan secretly ran a prostitution business in her massage parlor. Investigators took notice after residents reported strange sightings – customers coming and arriving at odd times; complaints of lewd moans and groans – at her business. 

One of the rental office owners searched for Wright online and discovered her prostitution business. Authorities obtained a search warrant and raided Wright’s business. They recovered detailed business records that showed Alexis made $150,000 tax-free from prostitution in 18 months. 

Investigators also concluded that Alexis and her business partner Mark Strong were having an affair, despite both of them being married. Strong denied profiting from prostitution; he was sentenced to 20 days in jail for the promotion of prostitution.